Metal Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars

Why the Aviation Industry is Choosing Metal Aircraft Hangars to Protect Their Aircraft

Metal aircraft hangars are essential for your airplane! Airplanes are very costly, all-important machines, full of complex technology and
equipment. Therefore failure to service and store them under climate-controlled and safe
environment is likely to result in major operational problems!
It’s critical to store your aircraft in a dry, ecologically controlled environment. Aircrafts are tremendous
investments and repairs can be extremely costly. In other words it isn’t recommended to
store airplanes outside as this may result in harm to the plane and excessive repairs for you.

What The Challenges Are:

Rust and metal corrosion are one of the main challenges that aircraft owners face. In other words
recently released two-year breakthrough study (initiated by NACE) estimated that the
annual direct cost of corrosion on the transportation sector in the United States is $29.7
billion! A lot of these costs could be avoided by using up-to-date corrosion controlling
practices. Preventing unnecessary exposure to elements is one of the most crucial aspects
in rust and metal prevention Metal.

Reasons Metal aircraft hangars make caring for your aircraft a whole lot easier:

  • Withstand all of which Mother Nature throws us. Including, but not limited torain, wind, lightening, snow, and earthquakes
  •  Requires no maintenance
  •  Energy efficient
  •  Since steel is an inorganic material, mold cannot grow
  •  Pest resistant
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Easy to install
  •  Will reduce your insurance rate

As an incombustible solid, metal provides crucial protection against dangerous hangar
fires.  Fire-resistant steel never becomes the point of detonation in a structural fire; nor
does it add energy to a fire like a wood enclosure does.
Choosing a metal building for your aircraft storage necessities will ensure the durability of
the aircraft you store and also maximize the value of your investment in a storage building.
In addition, steel building is built to be strong and long-standing. It is made with the most robust and
highest quality materials. Therefore with no maintenance requirements, you can concentrate on

keeping your aircraft fine-tuned instead of focusing on the integrity of the metal aircraft hangars you are using to store it in.


Fortress Metal Buildings pre-engineered metal buildings are manufactured to meet your
aviation needs!
We use only the highest quality, heavy-grade steel, backed by a 25-year mill
warranty. Every Fortress Metal Buildings we ship’s prefabricated, precut, predrilled, pre-
welded, and pre-engineered for the simplest and fastest metal building erection in the
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